Ana Todorović




She was born on September 18, 1979 in Kragujevac. She graduated in acting at the Faculty of Arts of Pristina in the class of Božidar Dimitrijević.

She is a permanent member of the Princely-Serbian Theater in Kragujevac, in which she has performed in the following roles: Woman from Podolje (M. Nastasijević, At ’the Eternal Tap’), Daša (M. Ojdanić, Life is all that befalls you ), Nina (N. Koljada, A Tale About the Dead Tsarina), ***** (Aeschylus, Seven Against Thebes, co-production with the Academic Chamber Choir “Lyceum” from Kragujevac), Didina (J. L. Karađale, Carnival Scenes ), Ekaterina Davidović (R. Dorić, Miracle by Joakim) , Anka-alternation (B. Nušić, The Cabinet Minister’s Wife), Kumrija (Đ. Milosavljević, The Devil and the Little Lady), Ensemble (N. Bradić, Night in the Titanic Inn), Alyson-alternation (D. C. Jackson, My Romantic History), Audrey-alternation (K. Ludwig, Leading Ladies), Mother Soya (B. Ćopić, A Garden the Color of Mallow), Hermia-alternation (V. Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Yelena Andreevna (A.P. Chekhov , Uncle Vanya ), ***** (N. Koljada, The Soberhouse , co-production with the Cultural Institution “Vuk Karadžić” from Belgrade, theaters from Kikinda, Užice, Lazarevac and the Cultural Center from Obrenovac), Junkie / Professor 2 / Judge 2 / Bulgarian tourist (P. Mihajlović, Two Hundred), First–alternation (U. Vizek, Working non-stop since morning ).

She also performed in the plays of the Cultural Institution “Palilula” – Stamenković Scenes (T. Štivičić, Two) and the Student Cultural Center in Belgrade (Y. Reza, Art ).

She participated in the poem Mouth of the Sanctuary by B. Horvat at the Great School Class in Šumarice.

She is the winner of the collective Annual Award of the Princely-Serbian Theater as a member of the ensemble of the play A Tale About the Dead Tsarina in 2011 and the Annual Award of the Princely–Serbian Theater for the role of Hermia (A Midsummer Night’s Dream ) in 2017.

She acted in the TV films Joint Journey and Action Tiger, feature films Love Stars and Love Case, and in the TV series Yelena, Ideal Connections, Pregnancy and Head Through the Wall.