Jasmina Dimitrijević




She was born in Smederevska Palanka. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Acting from the Faculty of Arts in Priština under the mentorship of prof. Milan Plećaš. She got her degree in English Language and Literature from the Faculty of Philology.

She attended a regional educational platform for musical theatre “11 countries” conducted by choreographer Bill Hastings in 2015.; several workshops in the field of: jazz ballet (Chat Walker), step dance (Mojca Horvat), jazz singing (Vladana Marković), vocal techniques (Ana Sofrenović) as well as Egon Savin’s masterclass on directing in amateur theatre.

She is a permanent member of the Princely Serbian Theatre in which she has been performing from 1998 in almost 30 productions. Notable roles: Ana (Doctor Shoemaker, D.Kovačević), Vida (The Bereaved Family, B.Nušić), Angelique (Hotel Paradiso, Ž.Fejdo), Varvara Stritzesky (Migrations, M.Crnjanski), Dara (The Cabinet Minister’s Wife, B.Nušić), Ecatherine Davidović (Miracle by Joachim, R.Z.Dorić), Catherine (The Night in the Titanic Inn, I.Andrić/N.Bradić), Jelisaveta (Jelisaveta’s Love Woes over a Painter, M.Jelić), Jessie (In Fact, a Theatre, D.Bošković), Helena (Midsummer Night’s Dream, W.Shakespeare), Edith Piaf (Little Sparrow, N.Ilić), Woman (mother, wife, daughter-in-law) /Pub Singer (Two Hundred, P.Mihajlović), Anna Andreyevna (The Government Inspector, N.V.Gogol).

She has also performed in productions of the National Theatre in Belgrade, Terazije Theatre, Opera & Theatre Madlenianum, Cultural Institution Palilula, Cultural Centre Rex, cooperating with directors such as Boro Draškovic, Kokan Mladenović, Jovica Pavić, Nebojša Bradić; also she performed at the Great School Class at Šumarice in 2017., in theatre troupes Shelter, Ariadne, Theatron and Comedy Theatre.

Awards: Annual Award of the Princely Serbian Theatre 2016 and Little Liska at Mostarska Liska Festival, both for the role of Jelisaveta (Jelisaveta’s Love Woes over a Painter); Special Award for Partnership Play (with Nada Jurišić) for the performanceIn Fact, a Theatre, at the International Festival of Russian Drama “Friendship Bridge” in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, 2016.

She has landed roles on film: The Tour, 6 Days Dark, Tears for Sale, Inside, Little Trader; in TV series: My Cousin from the Countryside, From the Lives of Famous Mathematicians; in numerous radio dramas for Radio Belgrade and in cartoon synchronizations for Studio Loudworks.

She is also engaged in translating, especially English and French poetry.