As If the End Were Not Quite Near

based on the text by Maja Pelević



October 9 / 8 pm / Princely Serbian Theatre

October 10 / 12 noon, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm / Princely Serbian Theatre

Production: Bitef theatre (Serbia)

Duration: 70 mins / no intermission /

Performance may not be suitable for viewers suffering from photosensitive epilepsy.
Viewer discretion is advised. Seating capacity per performance is limited to 5 viewers. Wearing comfortable outfit is recommended.

About the performance:

Do VR, AR, MR technologies pose a genuine threat to us and change the way people communicate, or do we use the new technologies as an excuse for unresolved civilizational problems in terms of social values, quality of relations and interpersonal communication?

The performance is inspired by the subtle transfer of the world, relationships and human interactions to digital reality, an attempt to reflect on some new forms of coexistence and togetherness of man and machine in the most intense times we have ever experienced. The audience, composed of five people, will be able to experience a virtual journey through possible new worlds, around and within ourselves. Through the interactive game of current communion that is established in the microstructure of the theatrical act, the audience is given the opportunity to be a performer, an observer and a participant at the same time, and to choose the perspective.

Authors on the performance:

"We have tried to approach a future world that we may be able to discern at the moment and in which we will have to live in one way or another in symbiosis with machines and technology."

Maja Pelević

"If Alan Watts propagates something, it is living in the moment, being present in the moment and paying attention to everything that does not belong to the personal, ego principle that rules in this civilization. So, it’s about getting out of yourself, entering states of consciousness that concern a broader observation of the image of the world, which also happens in this performance."

Nikola Zavišić

"Perfect/im/perfect, the combination of man and machine always falls into the trap, we forgive imperfections and become"more perfect-ed", we start playing by those rules that we write for ourselves. Everything is a game, there are no rules, everything is rules, look at a tree, it is not the same as the one before it, and yet according to some rules it is. The idea of uniformity does not existin nature, maybe we get to learn something in those relationships".

Filip Mikić

Comments on the performance:

"It all revolves around what the opposite of theatreis, and that is the feeling of loneliness. The phenomenon of loneliness is something that everyone has faced in the times of COVID-19, and the authors of this project are constantly bringing us back to that feeling. Loneliness is not necessarily something beautiful, neither ugly, nor happy nor sad… loneliness is a void that seeks to be filled, to be structured, to be examined, to be felt…”

Marina Milivojević Mađarev, Vreme

"This is a short poem, written in free verse, in seven chapters. Each of them begins with the verse "I’ll tell you my story, it’s the story of each of us." The usual details of life appear one after another, poetically hidden in blurry images, more like sketches of children's memories, of first and last loves; experiences of electrodes and pixels and hybrid reality. "

Aleksandra Glovacki, Nova.rs

Text: Maja Pelević

Director: Nikola Zavišić

Video and VR: Filip Mikić

Composer: Anja Đorđević

Sound production: Mina Strugar

Assistant director and video production assistant: Jelena Piljić

Video assistant production: Sanjin Ćorović

Digital steward: Ljubomir Radivojević

Playscript translated by: Marija Stojanović

Organization: Katarina Vojnović

Sound: Miroljub Vladić, Jugoslav Hadžić

Photography: Andrija Kovač

Voices: Mina Strugar, Anja Đorđević, Jelena Piljić, Katarina Vojnović, Maja Pelević

Voices in English: Mina Strugar, Anja Đorđević, Tanja Strugar