Based on the Boing-Boing by Marc Camoletti



Oct 12/ 8 pm /

Production: Performance Art Theatre Nikšić / Montenegro

Duration: 90 minutes


Director’s preface

Someone will rightly say that theater should ask big questions, open up important topics and communicate with the present. The goal is always to discover some truth. However, it is not always necessary that the questions we raise are philosophical or of cosmic importance; sometimes it is quite enough to remind ourselves of some minor truths, forgotten, but equally important ones. A person goes to the theater because they need that illusion, the possibility of a better world. Life is difficult and complicated enough on its own. While humanity may be headed for its demise as we speak, forgetting how fleeting and inconstant everything is, and after everything we've been through lately, we need to be reminded to laugh, play and rejoice. To come back to ourselves. If I am not being too pretentious, I hope that this performance will remind the audience that life, as such, is meaningful.

Rastislav Ćopić, director