Emir Spahić




Born in 1981 in Doboj. He graduated in acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Tuzla in 2007 in the class of prof. Emir Hadžihafizbegović. He started his professional career the same year he graduated, becoming a member of the ensemble of the National Theatre in Mostar.

He has been engaged in the Cabaret Tuzla Theatre, the Mostar Youth Theatre, the National Theatre Tuzla, the Croatian National Theatre Mostar through roles in the plays: House Painter, Death and the Dervish, Kulin, Mostar Division, The Hairless Lady Singer, Werewolves in Gluha Bukovica, No True Man Lives, Atlantis, A Concert for a Mockingbird, The Balkan Grift, Hasan Kaimija’s Last Love, Life in Death, Chick Lit, What Now?, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Dying Out of Bears, The Plaza Hotel, Dead Fish Backstroke, Don’t Bet on the English, God of Carnage, The Angels of Babylon, It, Huzur, The New Normal Show, Hero of the Nation, Eling, Goodbye, California!.

He has played roles on television and film (Quo Vadis Aida, After the Rain, Sonja and the Bull, Zone of Separation).

In addition to his acting achievements, he has directed the performances House Painter and Don’t Bet on the English on his theatre’s stage.

From 2018 to 2022, he held the position of artistic director and head of the Drama Department at the National Theatre in Mostar, actively participating in the creation of the repertoire, organization of performances and coordination of artistic tasks.

He was the curator of the 17th and 18th International Comedy Festival “Mostarska liska.”

Since 2022, he has been the General Manager of the National Theatre in Mostar.