Jelena Žugić




She was born on April 20, 1973 in Skopje.

She graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, in the class of Professor Ljubiša Georgievski, in the performance Arsenic and Old Lace in 1995. She majored in drama at the Drama Theatre of Skopje, where she has been working since February 1997. From September 2011 to July 2017, she was the founder and general manager of NU Comedy Theatre – Skopje.

Roles in theatre – Skopje Drama Theatre: My name is Goran Stefanovski, 2022; Fatima – Patrias from Thessaloniki, 2013; Mrs. Renata – Genetics of Dogs (Messrs. GlembayEVSKY), 2012; Hecuba – GeNOcid21, 2011; Mrs. Lou / Sister Mary – Lead On The Pillow, 2011; Olympia – Alexander, 2009; Pangios – Kinegonda in Karlaland; 2009; Titania – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2008; Stevie – Goat, or Who is Silvia?, 2008; Juliška – Neighborhood Upturned, 2007; Mira – Cinema Love, 2007; Sengen – Demon from Debar Maalo, 2006; Irina – Three Sisters, 2004; Magdalena – The House of Bernarda Alba, 2004; She – You Won’t Believe What’s Happened To Me Tonight, 2003; Abel – The Collected Works of William Shakespeare, 2002; Titania – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2000; Pangloss Jr. – Candide in Wonderland, 2000; Mehmene – Ferhad and Shirin, 2000; Ericka von Leyden – Europe, 1999; Beatrice Rasponi and Federigo Rasponi – The Servant of Two Masters, 1999; Margaret – The Macedonian Faust, 1999; Countess Almaviva – The Marriage of Figaro, 1998; Sara / Dolores – Lover, 1998; Deborah – Perversities, 1997; Choir – Oedipus the Tyrant, 1997; Ada – Positive Thinking, 1997; Doña Juana – Doña Juana, 1996; Constance – Amadeus, 1996; Tina – Neither Boon nor Mischief, 1996; Eva – Die Hard, 1996; Selanka – Godfathers, 1995; Abby Brewster – Arsenic and Old Lace, 1995; Luka Lukić’s wife – The Government Inspector, 1995; The Player – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, 1994; The third lady-in-waiting – Life is a Dream, 1994.

Comedy Theatre: Titania – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2017; Dr. Kata – A Difficult Story, 2017; Lina – Vardar Stallions; 2016; Time/Nikodimka – Lord of the Cowards, 2016; Betty – Name, 2015; Lysistrata – Lysistrata, 2014; Queen Gertrude – Hamlet in Spicy Sauce, 2013;

City Theatre of Skopje: Doña Juana – Don Juan; in 2009

Independent projects: Magda – Magda, My Love, 2003; Lora – Black Dolls, 2001; The Vagina Monologues. Pešna -King Marko, V. Chernodrinski – Prilep, 1994; Marika, Jadranka – Dream…, MOT festival, 1994; The Third Eumenis – Eumenides, Festival “Ohrid Summer”, 1993; Woman with two faces – Black Letter, Festival “Ohrid Summer”, 1993; Tsveta – Time to Dream, Veles, 1993.

TV and film roles: Nika – Clear Water (TV series), 2022; Cinema Love, 2021; Time to Cry, 2001; Stay Straight, short film; Beatle – Bumblebees, TV series; Marija – Harmony Shop, TV series; Nana – The Seduced, TV series; In the World of Fairy Tales, TV series.

Awards: Special award of the City of Kragujevac for the actors of the performance My name is Goran Stefanovski, Joakimfest, Kragujevac, 2022; Award for Best Actress, for the role of Dr. Kata (A Difficult Story), National theatre festival “Vojdan Chernodrinski”, Prilep, 2017; Laureate of the Eighth International Theatre Festival “Saint Joachim Osogovski” in Kriva Palanka in 2015; Award “November 13” for a special contribution to the popularization of theatre art in the city of Skopje and the establishment of NU Comedy Theatre Skopje (for the establishment and successful management), 2015; Award for Best Episodic Role (Renata, Genetics of Dogs) at the “Vojdan Chernodrinski” Festival, Prilep, 2012; Award for Best Actress at the Festival of Ancient Drama “Stobi” (Hecuba, GeNOcid21), 2011; “Golden Ladybug of Popularity” Award, 2009; “Olive” Award for Best Actress for the TV movie Time to Cry, International Television Festival in Bar, 2003; “Golden Mask of Isis” Award for Best Actress in the performance The Collected Works of William Shakespeare, at the International Festival “Ohrid Summer” 2002; Award for the best acting creation at the “Vojdan Chernodrinski” Festival (Laura, Black Dolls), Prilep, 2001; Award for the best acting creation for 1997, at the “Vojdan Chernodrinski” Festival (Ada, Positive Thinking), 1997; “Ekran” magazine award for Best Young Actress in 1996, for the role of Eva in the performance Die Hard.